Surgery Fees:

Private Surgery Fees:

Please see our full list of Services and Fees Below

Services Private
Surgery Consultation €50.00
Extra Family Member €25.00
Extended Consultation €75.00
House Call €75.00
Medicals for Work/Sport (inc truck driver medicals) €60.00
Over 70s Driving Medical €25.00
Travel Vaccines Varies
Cryotherapy Initial Consultation €50.00
Cryotherapy follow up Consultation €25.00
Implanon Insertion €100.00
Implanon Removal €100.00
Implanon Removal and Insertion €125.00
Mirena (3 visits) €210.00
Mirena removal €70.00
Forms/Letters/Paperwork €15.00
Medico- Legal Reports €300.00
Nurse Consultation €25.00
24hr Blood Pressure Monitor €75.00
Spirometry/Pulmonary Function Tests €50.00
Blood Tests €25.00
INR €25.00
Injection (with nurse) €25.00
ECG (in addition to consultation fee) €10.00
Nebuliser (in addition to consultation fee) €10.00
Heart Watch €50.00
Dressing (single) €25.00
Dressing (series) €10.00
Diabetic Clinic (includes bloods and visit) €50.00
Sutures €80.00
Minor Surgery €100.00
Vascular Watch €25.00
Ear Syringe €35.00
Appointment No Show €30.00
Drug screening €85.00
Repeat Prescription €20.00


A Medical Card entitles you to a wide range of services from your General Practitioner which are determined by the HSE and for which the doctor receives payment from the State.

There are however a number of additional services provided by many General Practitioners which are not covered by the agreement between the State and General Practitioners these include:


x Routine Blood Tests x Minor Surgery
x Women’s and Men’s Health Clinics x Chronic Disease Management
x Warfarin Monitoring Examinations Relating to fitness to Drive
x Dressings x Pre-Employment Medicals
x Medical Examination for Legal Purposes  

Your Doctor may direct you to a “free” blood taking service in your local hospital.

The HSE are obliged to provide this service “free” at your local hospital.