Welcome to NMC Health Suites  


North Gate Health Suites located at North Gate Medical Centre in New Ross are ideally located to provide people of New Ross, Wexford, Waterford and South Kilkenny, Carlow with excellent health care and easy access to health professionals and complimentary therapists.

This is a growing area of services and facilities. Professionals currently available NMC Health Suites to help you with your health care needs are:


profile-photo-lisashinesltChipper Chatter Speech and Language Therapy

Chipper Chatter Speech and Language Therapy is a privately run practice by Lisa Shine who is a qualified and registered (IASLT AND CORU) Speech and Language Therapist.  Lisa has a Masters degree in Speech and Language Therapy with Dysphagia Qualification.  Speech and Language Therapy is offered to children and adults with communication or EDS (eating, drinking, swallowing) difficulties.

Chipper Chatter was first established in 2011. It has been built upon foundations of expertise, experience and a genuine love for all things speech and language.  Lisa offers a professional and friendly service as well as the ability to claim money back via your health insurance provider, or claim 20% tax back via the Med 1 tax form.

Lisa will be operating from North Gate Medical Centre from April 2019.  For those who a clinic room is not an option, home visits can be arranged. For some children/adults, there is no better place to learn than in their own home.  At Chipper Chatter the philosophy is simple…if it’s evidence based, supportive, fun and goal orientated, it’s for us.



The Hearing Consultancy at NMC


Our resident Audiologist at NMC Health Suites is Alfie Smyth FdSc HAA MISHAA, a very knowledgeable Hearing Health Care professional, who graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England with his qualification in Hearing Aid Audiology. 

Alfie has many years of first hand practical experience in the field of Audiology. If you have any concerns about your hearing or are just looking for some practical advice, Alfie is on hand to provide expert counselling in a friendly unhurried manner.  He has provided support, guidance and practical assistance on hearing matters to literally thousands of individuals and indeed their families during the course of his career.     Click Here for more details and website

The Heart Clinic at NMC

The Heart Clinic is an advanced cardiac testing service in the southeast of Ireland, offering easy direct access, reduced waiting times and top quality facilities. We provide high quality cardiac tests such as echocardiography, exercise stress testing and heart rhythm monitoring.  As part of the outreach service, The Heart Clinic provide echo scanning at the NMC Health Suites for patients in the New Ross, Wexford and South Kilkenny/Carlow area.

The Heart Clinic is part of Owens Cardiology, a speciality cardiology practice based in the Williamstown Centre, Waterford. The practice is headed up by Dr Patrick Owens, a Consultant Cardiologist working in University Hospital Waterford.   Click Here for more details and website

Eye Specialist at NMC

Our resident Eye Specialist at NMC Health Suites is Dr Patrick Condon – MCh, FRCS, FRCOph – IMC No. 003526.  

Dr Condon is specialised hospital eye trained to diagnose eye disease and can facilitate referral to consultant eye surgeons for specialised eye surgery operations,   Dr Condon can also test and write prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses and is qualified to authorise Drivers licence, VHI, NCBI and other application forms.        Click Here for more details


Diabetic Retina Screening at NMC

Diabetic Retina Screen – The National Diabetic Retinal Screening Programme is a new, government-funded screening programme in Ireland that offers free, regular diabetic retinopathy screening to people with diabetes aged 12 years and older.  We are delighted that NMC Health Suites  have been selected by the National Diabetic Retinal Screening Programme for them to provide their screening at the NMC Health Suites for patients in the New Ross, Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow area.

People with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. This is a common complication of diabetes which affects the small blood vessels in the lining at the back of the eye and can lead to deterioration in vision.   Click Here for more details and website

Interested in renting a room at NMC Health Suites?   Click here for room rental information