Women’s Health:

For every stage in a woman’s life we provide advice and care for a wide range of issues.   For further details just click on any of the links listed below.

Cervical screening:
With the Cervical screening programme smears are due every 3 years from the ages of 25-45, then every 5 years until 60. Smears are free if eligible on the cervical smear programme. If not eligible for smear, private smears can be performed.
Cervical Check

Breast screening:
Mammograms are available through breastcheck for women aged between 50 and 64 every 2 years.  Breast examinations and referrals if necessary.

Family planning:
We offer

Pregnancy & Antenatal Care
Free Pregnancy and antenatal care:
For useful advice of pregnancy, antenatal care and parenting visit:
Roller Coaster
VHI Member Services

Antenatal screening


Unplanned Pregnancy
If you have become pregnant unexpectedly you should come to discuss the situation with your GP. You might also find information useful to you in the following websites:

myoptions.ie   – New HSE unplanned pregnancy support service
Crisis Pregnancy Programme
The Well Woman Centre


Rape Crisis Centre:
Waterford Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre