COVID-19: Updated 5th May 

We are receiving a lot of queries at present, we would be grateful if you could read all the below information before contacting the practice for further information.

COVID-19: Vaccine Programme

  • Over 70s rollout with Pfizer vaccine ongoing – if you are over 70 and have not been contacted by our practice, please contact reception.

  • Update to vaccine rollout for patients aged 50-69 – These patients will now be vaccinated with Astra Zeneca in mass vaccine clinics, regardless of risk category and are invited to register on the HSE portal, which commenced on the 15th April, please see further information and registration link here.  Please note, we will not be able to accommodate patients in the 50-69 group who would prefer the Pfizer vaccine over Astra Zeneca, there is no choice at present in vaccines and we would encourage everyone to take the vaccine they are offered. Astra Zeneca is proven to be safe and effective, particularly in the population over 60 that it is being rolled out in, we would strongly encourage our patients to take it when offered.  Further advise from St Jame’s Hospital, National Coagulation Centre can be found here.

Cohort 4 – Due to commence in mid-May

We will be supporting the hospital roll-out of Cohort 4.  Our clinical team will be identify our Very High Risk Patients aged 18-59 that do not attend the hospital or have not been invited by their hospital teams and who are very high risk patients. Please note: we are not accepting requests to be included in this Cohort.

From mid-May, we will start the vaccination programme with ‘very high risk patients’ and we have been asked to prioritise patients in the following groups:   

  • Diabetes where the patient has HbA1c > 58mmol/mol in last 12 months

  • Obesity  where patients have a BMI > 40

  • Chronic Respiratory Disease where patient is on home oxygen, pre or post transplantation or with a hospital admission related to disease in past year.

Cohort 7 – Due to commence in Mid-June

Once Cohort 4 is complete, we will be moving on to the next phase of vaccination in General Practice for patients aged 18-59 with medical conditions that put them at a high risk of severe disease or death.  We have been asked to identify and vaccinate other patients in the High-Risk Group aged 18-59 years. Please note: we are not accepting requests to be included in this Cohort.

  • Diabetic – Type 1 and 2
  • Obesity – BMI>35

  • Chronic Respiratory Disease – Moderately Severe COPD, Severe Asthma
  • Chronic Heart (and vascular) Disease

  • Immunocompromised Patients – 

  • Cancers (not already vaccinated via their hospital team)
  • Chronic Kidney/Liver/Neurological Disease (not already vaccinated via their hospital team

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Over 70’s Vaccination Programme:

70 to 79 year olds-(623 patients –1st vaccine completed – 2nd vaccine due to completed 14th May)

70 to 79 year olds-(186 patients –1st vaccine completed – 2nd vaccine completed)

80 to 84 year olds–(322 patients –1st vaccine completed – 2nd vaccine completed)

85 years and older – (222 patients -1st vaccine completed – 2nd vaccine completed) 

Click here for latest HSE Update on Vaccination Roll out

Got a COVID-19 question?

HSE Live will be able to answer all of your questions. 

Call 1850 24 1850 or 01 240 8787

Tweet: @HSELive

Contact details for the Deaf Community

Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 5pm

Covid19:  Applying for illness Benefit

If you are a close contact or self-isolating you may be entitled to illness benefit Click here for details.   If you require a medical certificate from the GP for your illness benefit please email

You must include your Date of Birth,  Address, and Documentation from the HSE confirming covid test or close contact.

  • Social Welfare and work certificates must be requested via email:

COVID-19: Returning to work safely

North Gate do not provide fit to return to work certs.    HSE have clear guidelines for Employers and Employees in relation to their safe return to work.     For you convenience you can click here to view these HSE Guidelines

COVID-19:  Applying for Renewal of Driving Licence

Under Covid-19 Level 5 Government restrictions effective from 6 January 2021, NDLS has restricted access to driving licence renewal appointments.  Click here for further information  of contact them directly by:-