Repeat Prescriptions

If you need a repeat prescription we ask all of our able bodied patients to complete a repeat prescription request form which is available from the surgery and to drop your order form into the repeat prescription box which is conveniently located in the surgery foyer.  For housebound and elderly patients we operate a telephone order service which is available between 10am and 1pm weekdays. 

48 hours notice is needed for all repeat prescriptions, this allows the doctor time to check the prescription and ensure your records are updated accordingly. 

Repeat prescriptions will only be issued within 5 days of being due and therefore we do ask that you only order your prescription within 7 days of being due.

All patients on long term medication should try to be seen, at least, every six months. A repeat prescription will not be issued to a patient who has not been reviewed by a doctor in the last six months. If due to unforeseen circumstances you require a prescription and are unable to attend for an appointment before it is due, explain this to our reception staff and we will try facilitate you with a one month prescription and allow you to make an appointment with the doctor at your earliest convenience within the month.

If you have a prescription from the hospital which needs to be issued on a Medical Card prescription or needs to be reviewed by your doctor, we ask that you bring the hospital prescription to the surgery so that we can keep a record of same on your file and if required issue you with a Medical Card prescription in its place.

For your convenience we will return your order form with your completed prescription and would advise that you retain same for placing your next order with us.